Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Scrapbook Talk!

Let's chat about scrapbooking today, shall we? Every now and then I see a new scrapbook line come out, and I immediately feel this need to have it all.. all of it! Well, the Jocelyn line totally did that to me! The colours are sooooo delish! AND it has the most fabulous pops of turquoise in it! How could you not fall head over heals for it? hee heee!

First off, I created a layout with the yummyness!

A fun layout about Valentine's this year.. that goes to show you how versatile this line is! *swooon!*

Here is a tutorial for the flower I made on the layout.. I googled 'fabric flowers' ages ago and came across this one, there is a pattern there to download and everything! After it was assembled, I cut it in half and sewed the edges to stop it from falling apart. This was my first time making this flower out of paper (usually I use fabric).. I love the dimension it added to the page!

Then, I couldn't stop there! I had it all out on my desk.. and for the sake of creating, I made some cards. I love doing that, using supplies that are out on the desk to carry onward to another project.. and so on and so on... ideally, one day.. I would love to do that until it is all used up in fun random projects! One day I will challenge myself to that, gather some supplies and use it all!

Yep, LOVE this line.. new BFF indeed! Hope everyone is having a fabulous day! Hope spring is treating you well, and that your snow (if you have snow) is melting faster than ours is! eeeeek! Maybe by May??? Anyhoo, Happy Tuesday! :)


kelly said...

love the cards and their colors. they have a very whimisical and retro feel. great job!

Lexi said...

Jennifer..everything you do is awesome! Really, I just love the way you combine products. It all seems so effortless and fun! Thanks for the inspiration this week!


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