Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What inspires you?

So many things inspire me.. anything from fashion, home decor, blogs, stores, magazines etc etc. The list goes on and on! I would definitely say though, that most of my inspiration comes from the internet. Like this image here, that I came across while blog surfing one day not too long ago. I knew I needed to try that somewhere in our house!

This was originally a very unique guestbook at a wedding! Seriously, how cool is that!? For my take on it, I decided to speed the process as much as possible and used an electronic die cutting machine, but you could also cut these beauties out by hand. They don't need to be complex butterflies at all to make a statement, so hand cutting could be fairly speedy as well!

After I cut them out, I dug through my junk drawer looking for my removable adhesive putty stuff (what is that stuff called anyway? lol ...can't think of it at the moment!).. eeek! Took me forever to find it, but it was well worth it! Here is a picture of the back side of it with adhesive ready to go. The beauty of using this adhesive to put them up is, they can come down just as easily! No holes no mess!

This might be one of my very most favourite projects ever! lol I love how it turned out! Like love love love it! I might have to do it in black in another main room.. as these pink ones were destined for my daughter's room (which is pink, orange and a coral/red colour).. sooo pretty!

So cool right? Gosh, I love the internet and it's vast unlimited inspiration! This project, start to finish took under an hour.. might have been faster had I not been tuned into One Tree Hill! hee heee! Also, should add that the Claire line was absolutely perfect for my daughter's bedroom! Hope everyone is having a fantastic day! :)


Monika said...

So please share the name of the magic removable wall adhesive goop! Great project. Always looking for art project ideas to do with my two girls!

Angela said...

I use some called stick tack and you can probably find it at your local Wal-mart or Target. If not, try an office supply store like Staples. :)

Scrapycandy said...

I want to do this in my bathroom...but I'll need to coat the paper butterflies to keep them safe from the steam. Love it!

sherlonkahkai said...

I used a butterfly die and made white butterflies to float on my daughter's bedroom wall. I simply attached them with one mini glue dot. Viola.

rebecca said...

so adorable!


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