Thursday, May 13, 2010

An Accessory's Accessory

Yesterday I mentioned where I applied for my first job, Island Snow. The first job I actually landed was at a surf shop in the mall in Kaneohe. If you have ever had a job in a retail store, you know that most of your paycheck ends up back in the store. One of my favorite things to buy were sunglasses. Over the two years I worked in the shop I bought four pairs; the first I still have, the second I still have, the third I broke down the center and I'm still sad about, and the fourth I left in a hotel room in Arizona (if you happen to have found any sunglasses in a hotel room in Arizona ten years ago please let me know, I'd love to get these back). Each one of these came with a cute little protective sleeve.

Now that I have kids, my money is spent in other places and I opt for the less expensive sunglasses. I have a different outlook on sunglasses now. The less expensive, the more I can buy, and I don't cry if they get broken or lost. One downside to buying cheaper glasses is the lack of a really cute protective sleeve. I decided it was time to remedy that problem!

Dill blossom was the perfect summer time fabric for my sunglasses to be cuddled up in. I sewed a simple rectangle and lined it with batting. Then I folded it in half, sewd up the bottom and side to create a pocket. I also added a strap to hang the sleeve from my bag handle. This way I'm not fishing around the bottom of my bag for my sunglasses.

So, whether I am sporting my regular mom glasses, or cool mom glasses, they have a nice carrying case to go home to.


nancy said...

What a cute idea! I love that the case hangs outside the purse... I am always digging around in my purse for junk!

Scrapamum said...

Oooooo I so need to make one of these!

Kathy Martin said...

Wish my sewing skills were better! ;)

Christine said...

Great idea! Adorable!!!


Scoobie said...

Honestly, I must have slept during class: I didn't know SEI has fabrics. The dill collection is just soooo colorful and fun.

Great little prosject, too.


The Despain Gang said...

What an amazing idea! And yes the fabric is AMAZING!


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