Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Make Your Own Silhouette

Silhouettes are so hip happening these days-and so easily customizable! well, here's the way i like to do them. simple, easy, and quick.

you'll need:

a piece of thin white paper
black paper

first, take a picture of the person's profile. (or your pet-even a favorite piece of furniture would look cool) then, print it out to the size you want.

trace the outline on the white paper (holding it up to a window works great) around the head and shoulders, make sure to get little hairs, etc. this makes it look awesome.

staple your tracing to the black paper-don't staple inside of your tracing!

then, carefully cut around your trace, catching all the little hairs and details.

tada, a cute silhouette!

then pop it into your frame of choice. soo cute, huh?

This is Sadie's baby one. aww my little conehead.

for reals! thank goodness her head looks normal now.

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