Saturday, December 4, 2010

On the 3rd & 4th Days...

On the 3rd day of Christmas Audrey Yeager gave to you a fun monster journal gift idea. She made these for her nieces, who are 8 and 5.

Audrey explains,"I was actually inspired by the Make Your Own Monster iron ons and tried to incorporate this idea into journals. You'll notice that the one cover doesn't have a face. That's because all the face parts are on a transparency in the back of the journal, and there is another transparency over the cover."

"The girls can make whatever faces they want on their cover, and switch out pieces by putting them in the back when they are done! I also used the Monsterville Blurbs where the girls can make up a name for their monsters and put it on the cover."

"I put two 'secret' pockets on the inside. One of them is an envelope, and when you open the flap, another monster greats you inside! The second is a pocket where they can stash cool things!"

On the 4th day of Christmas SEI gave to you a game gift idea. Have you ever thought of using your scrapbook paper for games?

We created 3 games out of this one sheet of paper. Just cut the paper into squares (ours our 4 x 4) to make a puzzle. Then, download and print off the instruction sheet. Once the puzzle is put together, there are two more games that can be played with the completed puzzle. These would also be great paired with some My Own Monster iron-ons.

If you are going to be driving this holiday, you can also use these as travel games. Just skip the puzzle game and do the other two games so you aren't chasing puzzle pieces around your car.


connie said...

Love the journal idea and the game would definitely be great stocking stuffers.

~Tonya said...

I love the journal idea and the little monsters are so neat! The pockets add so much fun!

Yes, we will be traveling, but it is only about an hour away.

Have a great weekend.

Zoey and the furballs said...

Those are adorable! Thanks for the ideas.

April said...

These are giving me good ideas. I think my husband's neices would like these :)

Lillian Child said...

My grandkids are gonna love this!


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