Sunday, December 5, 2010

On the 5th & 6th Days...

Today we have some fun gift ideas to help get ready for Santa. Both of them were made by altering an inexpensive item.

On the 5th day of Christmas Lori Mancini gave to you a countdown chalkboard. What a great way to help little ones keep track of the days!

Lori said, "I picked up a small wooden chalk board available at most dollar or craft stores and altered it with the Kris Kringle line! This was so fun and simple to make and the options on this are endless..."

"Instead of counting the days until Santa Arrives you could easily alter this into a gift list or how about a indicator if your kids have been naughty or nice today? However you decide to decorate yours it is a fun and quick gift that will put anyone in a festive mood quite easily!"

On the 6th day of Christmas SEI gave to you a door hanger gift idea. Inspired by Lori's countdown, we decided to welcome Santa's arrival with an altered door hanger.

We started by painting a wooden door hanger black. Then we Mod-Podged the Santa die-cut accent and alphabet letters from the Kris Kringle collection on top. While the Mod Podge was still damp, we sprinkled glitter all over it.

We thought this would make a fun gift for a family without a chimney. Santa can't miss the front door with all that glitter reflecting off Rudolph's nose!


Lillian Child said...

So very sweet ! Love these two projects!

connie said...

These are so cute! love the chalkboard idea.


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