Friday, February 4, 2011

Guest Blogger, Laura Williams

We would like to introduce next week's guest blogger, Laura Williams. She is a talented paper-crafter with a special knack for card-making. Please stop by her blog, Laura Loo Loo to learn more about her fun personality and see some of those awesome cards we told you about. Then come back Monday for more!

Hi! My name is Laura Williams, and I am so excited to spend next week on the SEI blog with you! Instead of sharing a paragraph about myself (which I hate writing, because I never know what to say) I’m going to share some random facts about myself, and you can decide for yourself just how loony toons I am!

1. I am TERRIFIED of lizards. The kicker is that I live in FLORIDA. Have you ever been to Florida? Hello, it’s filled with lizards. And I’ve lived here almost my whole life. One would think I’d be used to them by now. But no. (I’ll spare you the story about me standing on my bed crying, while my husband tried to find a lizard that ran behind our dresser.)

2. I live in a house full of boys. One grownup boy (the hubs) and two little ones (a six –year-old, and a one-year-old) I love living in a house full of boys, but my goal in life is to one day have a girls-only bathroom. (Yes, that means I get it all to MYSELF.)

3. I went to college to become an art teacher. Then right before graduation, I did my internship in an elementary art classroom, and said, “Hmmm, funny how this is NOT what I want to do after all.” I love teaching, and I love kids. I spent a few years teaching second and third grade, before my kiddos were born. And I loved it.

4. I have complete conversations with my husband, in my sleep, and don’t remember them in the morning. He has learned to discredit anything I say after 11pm. One of his favorite stories involves me diving under the covers to escape a giant purple spider coming down from the ceiling.

5. A few of my most favorite things: sunflowers, bright cheery colors, polka dots, black and white patterns, the color RED, fall weather, fun socks, and icy cold water with lemon.

There are a million more random facts I could share, but I better save some! Come back and hang out with me every day next week as I share some crafty goodness, (including brand new SEI products!) photos . . . and cake. (Yes, cake!) In the meantime, (or anytime) I'd love for you to come by my blog, at You can also find me on papercrafting websites as Lauralooloo. See you next week!


Charity Hassel said...

yay Laura! can't wait to see what you create!

Nancy Durant said...

I hope the cake will be delivered to my house! But mostly I will love looking at what you are creating.You are so creative and clever! I love looking at what you do, so inspiring!

Julie Bonner said...

Can't wait to see your projects Laura!!!

Rosie said...

I laughed at your "in sleep talking". My DH would answer the phone in his sleep when we first got married!

Laura Williams said...

Rosie, I have totally done that too. . .it's been a while, but I have woken up mid conversation before, and then been too embarrassed to admit that I had NO idea what we had been talking about!


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