Thursday, December 8, 2011

8th Day: Fast and Easy Notebook

We have an extra special gift idea for the 8th day because it includes a tutorial! This notebook, created by Lori, can be adapted to whatever you want... a journal, slide photos instead of the notepad and send like cards, list making (groceries, etc.) or insert a gift card instead of a paper pad.

If you love it so much you can't bear to give it way, use the side pockets to hide your gift receipts, insert some loose pages for everyone in the family write their Christmas list, or use it for your gift buying list.

We'll let Lori explain the rest. "Here is my book I made. I thought you may like some quick and easy instruction on how to put one of these together. I used the adorable Holiday Cheer collection... these papers are perfect for making these adorable little books!!

This can be made easily and quickly with just a single sheet of double sided cardstock, a paper pad and a few embellishments. You may want to tweak the sizing depending on what size paper pad you have and its thickness. I have based the following on using a 4 x 6 paper pad that are about ¼ “ thick. I have purchased these in bulk from my local office supply store, but it is also a great size to hold photo’s too!

1. The first thing to remember is to leave the small manufacturers strip on the bottom of the cardstock (don’t worry we won’t see it!)... it will make the assembly of the cover much easier.

2. Cut 2.5” off of the side of your paper... making it 9.5” x 12.5” in size.

3. With the inside of the book pattern facing up we now need to score the paper for the folds. Go along the two sides and bottom and score ½” all around to make it easier to fold. You do not score the top.

4. Now score a horizontal line across the center of the page (to divide top and bottom)... 6 and 1/8” down from the top (you need a generous 6 inch score here). In the end it will look better for it to be folded up and be a bit shorter than too long... you will see what I mean once we get this assembled.

5. The last score is for the cover to fold in half (front and back). Score 2 vertical lines at 4 and 5/8” and at 5” in from the left edge of the paper. You should end up with a little more than a ¼” space between the two lines. Your sheet of cardstock should look like this when you're done.

6. The next step is not necessary but it makes it easier and a nicer finished product and that is to “V” cut the corners for less bulk later on.

7. Fold outside edges in fold top to bottom and side to side and then open back up.

8. Once your edges are folded in you may want to adhere your bottom fold down with adhesive... but the bottom fold is the only one that is glued down.

9. Using only the top section only - place adhesive on the TOP of the two SIDE FOLDS ONLY... you are running the adhesive on the front pattern of your paper (again fold at the score and run the adhesive on the top of the folded part).

10. Along the top section only run adhesive down the ¼” centre section in the middle that you just scored. Be careful to stay in between the scored lines.

11. Fold bottom up to meet top making sure all edges are folded inside.

12. You should now have your sides and centered all secure and together, with an opening at the top. Slide the last page of your paper pad into the opening at the top (mine is cardboard) and fold cover over.

13. Decorate at desired. I used some bakers twine to wrap around the book and then wrap around a button to close it.

I would love to see what you can do with this tutorial. Please make sure to leave us a link in the comments... I can't wait to see all of the ideas!

Thanks for letting me share!"


April said...

That's so cute! I'll definitely have to give it a try!


Diana Waite said...

AWESOME tutorial--this is CUTE~!


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