Monday, March 19, 2012

Guest Blogger: Dorthea Brundage

We are so happy that Dorthea accepted our invitation to be a guest blogger! We got to know her when she worked as a graphic designer for SEI. She is just the kind of person you'd like have as a friend... creative, funny, kind, and encouraging... one of those rare people who really delights in other's successes. She puts her heart in everything she does.

Dorthea has a week full of wonderful ideas to share, complete with templates and printables. To make it even sweeter, we will also have a giveaway starting Friday. So, you won't want to miss a single day!

My name is Dorthea Brundage. I'm a wife, mom, graphic designer and collector (not a hoarder, more like Elijah Wood in Everything is Illuminated, but not as OCD). I like to collect anything beautiful, I've been that way since I was little. Scraps of paper, iridescent bug bodies, sticks, discarded packaging, shiny rocks, anything and everything that catches my eye. I eventually find a way to use it.

A few things about me:
• I currently get to stay home and raise my yogurt covered raisin baby boy (he's white on the outside but brown on the inside). Being half El Salvadoran, I'm teaching him Spanish and enjoy being the one to fill his curious mind with answers.
• I have a little company called Felizitations. I specialize in custom mailing labels (people send me their guest list and I print them on adhesive labels for special events) and invitations.
• I'm married to my best friend and love getting to do almost everything together.
• You can always find me posting either on my day to day blog: The Bean Routine, or wedding lovelies at: Felizitations & Etsy

Here's a little of what I do:

Today I wanted to touch on the beauty of colors. They are everywhere and we can be inspired by everything around us if we're looking for it. My sister asked me to help make some french macaroons for her bff's bridal shower, recipe here. I was excited because they always looks so beautiful in pictures, but terrified because I don't consider myself a baker. When we were done, I was so happy we'd made them. Not only were they beautiful, but they made the most exquisite spring color palette.

If you love this color combo, you can view the full wedding board I created here.

Try new things and you just might surprise and inspire yourself!


remi said...

They are so beautiful and I bet they are yummy too! I love the colors. I am excited to read your stuff this week.

Mommy Sauri~ said...

the color combo you crafted for them is fantastic. I'm excited for your stay here as a guest.

Mommy Sauri~


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