Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Potato Stamp

Printmaking was one of my favorite classes in college. It is one of those classes that is too expensive to recreate in my own home. So, in order to fill my print cravings I have reverted to a technique that most people haven't thought of since elementary, potato block printing!

Here is what you need:

(clockwise, from top left)

1. Fabric, I have jersey photographed but I printed on cotton and canvas.
2. Stencils- I'm totally loving the tribal looks right now, click the image below to download. Draw out any design that you want though.
3. Paint brush
4. Ceramic carving tools & Exacto knife- I happened to have these but an Exacto and paring knife work great.
5. Potato!
6. Paint- screen printing paint ($2.99, Hobby Lobby), Tumble Dye (not pictured).

1. Cut potato in half and dab flat side on paper towel to remove excess water.
2. Cut out your stencil (if using tribal file, leave black in tact) and place on top of the white of potato.
3. Carve around your stencil (I used my Exacto for this part) and cut away the 'background'.
4. Dab 'stamp' on paper towel and with a paint brush apply paint/tumble dye.
5. Press firmly onto fabric and reapply paint, repeat.
6. Allow to dry, and follow paint instructions on how to heat set the stamps onto the fabric.

Remember, embrace the imperfections that the potato makes with the stamps. If there is an area that needs filling or correction, use a small paintbrush. I was able to make my potato stamp and print on three onesies and one pillow in about an hour and a half (one of Monroe's naps, my son). If you have older kids, it's an awesome craft to have them design their own clothes!

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Megan Smith (aka Daisymeh) said...

Great tutorial! Love what you made!


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