Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Little Helper

As a lady, I hate having a million things to carry around in my purse. I can never find anything and all I ever really need is my phone and a few credit cards. Anybody else with me on this?

In my goodie bag from SEI, I spotted the lovely fabric swatches from Vanilla Sunshine and *lightbulb*, the perfect phone case was born. Here's what I did:

1. Vanilla Sunshine fabric swatches- (or any other fabric you may have laying around) I liked the sturdiness that the paper backing gave the pocket.
2. Scissors and a sewing machine (or needle and thread) to sew together case.
3. Pattern- click the image below. To get the case to match to your phone exactly, trace your phone and add a 1/4" border for a seam. Do not add the border to the top part of the phone (see pattern for visual).
4. Wool felt.
5. Strap (not pictured)- button, 1.5" x 3" piece of fabric for strap, and small piece of velcro

1. Print pattern (or trace phone, see #3 in supply list) and place on top of felt. Cut out pattern from felt.
2. Pick a fabric swatch from the Vanilla Sunshine assortment pack, or trace 'pocket' from your own fabric.
3. Fold 'strap' piece of fabric in half and sew around 2 edges. Turn inside out and finish sewing open end.
4. Sew button on one end of the strap. Measure about 4" up from the bottom of a 'sleeve' piece and secure strap to 'sleeve'.
5. Line up velcro pieces and sew velcro pieces to strap and 'pocket'.
6. Place pocket piece in between the two 'sleeve' pieces and stitch around 1/4" border.
7. Turn outside in. Done!

A suggestion that could make this handier is adding a pocket with zipper to the backside for items that you'd like secured (i.e. keys and change). I'm intimidated by zippers so I didn't add that, haha.


Mommy Sauri~ said...

what a clever idea. Looks nice!

Mommy Sauri~

Kim said...

Love this idea! I have never done zippers either---but perhaps a piece of velcro would "seal" the deal!--er the pocket! LOL


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