Friday, June 29, 2012

Car Notebook

Looking through the June Scrapbook Kit, Mayberry, I was overwhelmed with all of the possiblities! I loved the retro theme and ton of unique embellishments. The obvious idea was to create a road trip themed project, but I had a twist on this theme. How about a car shaped notebook to document your travels?

I was inspired by this large car sticker included in the kit and wanted to play with my Silhouette digital cutter to make a shaped book. For those of you who don't have a Silhouette, this won't make much sense, but for those of you who do, you must give it a try!

I started by scanning the sticker. Using the trace feature in the Silhouette software, I traced the outside shape of the car. Once that was done to my liking (I had to tweak it a bit), I then off set it twice; once to make a mat around the sticker and another time to make a cardstock mat around that. This made the overall size of the book bigger and also gave it some stability, as this was going to be the cover. After adhering those layers all together the fun was about to start! I added some sweet stamped smiling faces (say that three times fast!) and embellished the cover further with black cardstock "tires" and a license plate from our home state. Every state's license plate is included in the Mayberry kit!

I'm going to tuck this away for our summer adventures. Who knows where the road will take us...but now we can document it all as it happens! Happy Trails!


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