Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Our Spot Scrapbook Layout

Sometimes--if we're lucky--certain products can remind us of untold stories from our past and encourage us to get them recorded. When I laid eyes on the Mayberry Collection, with all of it's 50's inspired patterns and elements I was reminded of a very special memory of a local diner that I used to go to with my grandfather.

Now that place is long gone--but because it had once been in a movie and was also a historic landmark I was able to get online and find a photo on a National Waymarking site and add this special memory to my albums.

I was inspired by the "Blue Light Special" paper from the Mayberry collection which is filled with all of these old-fashioned diner signs--so I decided to extract a few of my favorites with my craft knife and arrange them in an informal grid on my page surrounding my photo. I put foam squares underneath each of the cut outs to give the page a little bit of pop and then used one of the talk bubbles from sticker sheet to record my story on.

Then I used an arrow from the Decoder Arrow Pack to direct the eye and help my photo stand out a bit more. And finally I tucked a few tags from the Sundries Pack in here and there with additional bits of journaling--special details about my story including my grandfather and I's usual drinks--vanilla coke and a root beer float!


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Diana Waite said...

how fun that this line reminded you of something in your past--GREAT job!


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