Monday, July 2, 2012

You and Me Kid

My page "You & Me Kid" started out as a personal design challenge. I am not a hugely organized or orderly person and as such clean and linear designs like grids or blocked page designs are often difficult for me to navigate. But after reading this great article on grid designs at Get It Scrapped! I was inspired to give it a try. You can see that I definitely eased into the grid design and didn't really focus on the aspect of keeping things clean and tidy but instead on the idea of breaking my page into compartments. I found this approach to be very different from my normal design process but a great deal of fun!

• To start off I grabbed my favorite SEI collection, Vanilla Sunshine and I chose two of my favorite patterned papers, two solids and two journalers from the coordinating die-cut pack.
• I cut the papers into random-sized blocks and then proceeded to moved them about my page until I found a configuration that I liked.
• This left me with three open spots on my grid , two of which I filled with coordinating chalk squares and the third spot I left for my photo.
• Then I added stitching around the outside of my solid blocks of paper and my photo to help them to stand out a bit more on the page and to add a little bit of texture.
• Finally I filled in my compartments with my title consisting of my favorite corrugate cardboard alpha and then accented the squares with the coordinating 3-D Stickers from the Vanilla Sunshine collection and a few leftover sundries from the Homestead and Field Notes Collections.

This turned out to be a great way to use leftovers papers and elements, while adding lots of great little details onto my page. It also helped me break down my page design into small bite sized pieces, eliminating the feeling of being overwhelmed by figuring out my design as a whole.

Why not give it a try?! Pick up your favorite collection or latest batch of leftovers and try using a grid design to help you piece together your memories on your next page.



Shana said...

I love your layout, Amy. It is a perfect way to use scraps. I laughed reading your post because MY design style is very linear. I'm trying to break away and do something new:) Looking at your other posts makes me want try more layouts in your style.

kate blue said...

I am a HUGE fan of grid design-that way, I can use just bits & what you did and title work even though it was outside your norm :)

Amy Kingsford said...

Thanks ladies...I definitely had fun trying something new!


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