Monday, December 17, 2012

3 Last Minute Gift Ideas + Coupon Code

Hello SEI fans, happy Monday and happy holidays! My name is AmberLee and I blog at GiversLog. I've been by here before, and had a great time blogging about projects like garlands and bookmarks and a fancy breakfasts fete.

Since my last visit, I opened up a little hot chocolate shop right here. This time of year I am one busy elf, and still have one or two gifts to finish up. So just incase any of you are in my shoes, I thought I'd share 3 FAVORITE LAST-MINUTE gift ideas.

LAST MINUTE gift idea #1: A Bottle Full of Desk Goodies
I love an assortment of desk supplies as much as I love a plate of homebaked holiday sweets (and I do love that). Put together an assortment of awesome pens and pencils, a frivolous eraser, a quality sharpener, and a few sticky notes, and maybe a pretty desk calendar. I've found this to be a treat that puts a smile on gradeschoolers and grown ups alike. If your gift recipient isn't nearby, drop everything in a bottle and send it off just like that, or mail it via stocking, no envelope required.

LAST MINUTE gift idea #2: Cookies or Cookie Dough
If you have a favorite cookie, deliver it with a cute tag, or even better, deliver your cookies as dough. Shape or drop cookies onto parchment and flash freeze them on the cookie sheet for a few hours. Then pack them up in a ziplock, drop them in a paper bag, and decorate (you can download the tag above from right here) and add baking instructions. Your recipient can have fresh baked cookies for a holiday crowd or after the holidays.

LAST MINUTE gift idea #3: A Cozy Fireside Evening
One of my favorite ideas for a whole family is a fireside kit. Put together a good picture book (or download this free and EXCELLENT version of A Christmas Carol), some popcorn, cozy socks, and hot chocolate. If you'd like to pick up gourmet Hot Chocolate from our shop, I have a little coupon for you, because we love SEI fans. Use coupon code "SEIholiday" to receive 25% off your order today or tomorrow, and we'll deliver in time for Christmas.


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