Monday, June 24, 2013

Card Ideas with Ribbon

Hi everyone. My name is Vera Wirianta Yates. I was born and raised in Indonesia, but I've been calling Texas home for the past 18 years. I started my journey in paper crafting back in 1997 and been an avid scrapbooker (although I am way, way behind on my scrapbooking) ever since. Soon after, I branched out to card making and I love both crafts equally. You can find my work on my blog Ling's Design Studio.

When it comes to card making, my designs tend to be clean and simple, yet detailed. For today's post I'd like to share my love of ribbon. Many times we use ribbon to make a bow, but all the projects I'm sharing here today showcase the different ways to use ribbon.

On 3 of the cards, I used the ribbon to create wreath. It's very easy to do. Simply cut a circle and then cut another circle inside the first circle to create a ring. Then cut 1-2 yards of ribbon (the length really depends on the size of your wreath and the width of the ribbon). Wrap the ribbon around it until the ring is completely covered and you have a ribbon wreath.

Another fun thing to try is making a ribbon sculpture. Here is my ribbon fish card that was published previously on Paper Crafts Practical Solution. This card is one of my favorite cards and I am sure you can see why. :)

Last but not least, ribbon adds an extra detail that makes your project feel complete. For my apron gift card holder, I could make the apron without the ribbon, but I think the ribbon add that extra texture and make it more like the real apron. What do you think? Isn't playing with ribbon fun?

I hope my projects sparks your creativity and get you to play with ribbon more. And I'd like to thank SEI for having me as a guest. I really appreciate the opportunity. Have fabulous day everyone.

Vera Wirianta Yates
Ling's Design Studio

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Andrea6760 said...

Oh my gosh Vera, Your cards are gorgeous! I love the ribbon wrapped circles, they really add some elegance to the cards! Your ribbon fish is one of my very favoites too! The apron gift-card card is adorable and would be perfect for a housewarming card. Thanks for sharing such great ribbon ideas!


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