Wednesday, February 19, 2014

You Rock, Baby! Iron-On Guitar Baby Onesie

Oh, baby what a cute design! I think this is adorable and perfect for a newborn baby with rocker aspirations, rocker parents or anyone who likes a cute and unique baby onesie. You can make it for your own sweet baby or to give as a gift. Best of all, it only takes a few minutes. Really!

I’m using SEI’s guitar iron-on art. It takes all the guess work out of doing iron-ons! It’s super simple to do!

See that? That’s the part of the design that will be face down on the material. I just have it facing up to show you how cute it is. You don’t have to cut yours out like I did but because the onesie is so small, I couldn’t figure out where the guitar was being placed, so I trimmed the paper down to just outside the guitar design.

I flipped the guitar over so that the white paper was face up. Follow the iron setting directions and iron the guitar on for about 15 seconds.

Let your design cool for a minute and then simply peel away the paper part. Look at the detail on that guitar!! Fantastic!

The iron-on is a soft flocked surface that can be washed, which is especially important when we’re talking babies. Right? So right.

That’s it! Now the baby looks like he or she is playing a guitar. Sweet!

Have a rockin' day!


Nicole (Bellenza Party Suite) said...

This is awesome! What a cool idea :)

Unknown said...

Thanks, Nicole! It was so much fun to make! :)


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