Friday, September 19, 2014

Bright and Beautiful Card

I thought this Azalea paper by SEI would look great on this metal die cut card and I was right! I'm so glad I used it for this!

After assembling the card, I embellished it using these Azalea page elements from SEI. I took apart the one that looked like a stamp and just used the center of it. Don't be afraid to alter your embellishments! See those three flowers? I cut the one on the right off and layered it so it would fit the card. No problem!

This part is a little more complicated. I cut a strip of paper to 3/4" and then cut it in a curve to fit around the circle. I actually used a circle die to help me draw a curve. I ran those through the little 1" Xyron Sticker Maker.

Then I had this! TA DA!!

Isn't it cool that this is one side of the card and the other side is completely different? I love that!

The SEI paper and embellishments really work on this card! What do you think?

You can see all of my SEI projects here (on my blog) or here (on Pinterest).



Tyra Babington said...

what a beautiful card!!!

Joy Joyslife said...

Thank you, Tyra! :)

Rhonda Van Ginkel said...

Love this card!

Jennifer Davis said...

This is gorgeous! Love this collection too!


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