Tuesday, April 26, 2016

30th Birthday Mini Album Featuring Florets

Hi there! Today's project features the Florets collection, one I fell absolutely head over heels for as soon as I saw it! I just love the mix of sweet florals, fun​ geometrics and coral and turquoise colors. I knew the patterns and palette would be perfect for scrapbooking a recent weekend beach getaway. So I grabbed my SEI basics kraft album and got to work selecting, trimming and gluing papers and embellishments to make my cover:

When I flipped the album open, I noticed this die-cut tab overlay with a product description. I loved the uniquely curved shape of the tab, so decided that rather instead of removing this piece of the packaging, I would cover it and use it as the intro page to my album. I simply traced another sheet of paper around the shape:

*Quick tip* Trace on the opposite side of the side you want to be facing upwards, so that you don't run the risk of having a pencil trace line showing if you're cut isn't totally exact.

Once you have it traced, go ahead and cut it out. You're left with the perfect shape to place on top. Then you can add embellishments as desired!

Happy crafting,

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