Thursday, February 22, 2018

DIY Saint Patrick's Day Shirts

Saint Patrick's Day is such a fun holiday! We are excited to share some ideas over the next few weeks to help you get ready.

Make sure you have an outfit picked out. You don't want to get pinched! If you don't have a lot of green in your wardrobe, you can make your own. We made 2 lucky shirts with some of our favorite products, iron-ons and tumble dye!

The first shirt was super easy to make. We traced a clover on the back of a green iron-on sheet. You can make any shape you want!

We cut out the clover shape and ironed it onto the shirt. Done!

We used tumble dye and iron-ons for the second shirt. First, we cut a clover stencil out of sticker paper and placed it on our shirt, covering areas we didn't want sprayed. Then, we sprayed green tumble dye. We used two different greens to create depth and variation.

After the dye is dry, we took off the sticker paper and heat set the dye with an iron. For the final touch, we spelled "Lucky Me" with iron-on letters and ironed them onto the shirt.

We hope you have a lucky day! Look forward to more St. Patrick's Day projects coming soon.

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