Thursday, October 27, 2011

3rd Thursday: Holiday Cheer

Club SEI's November papercrafting kit is all about holiday decorating and gift giving! You can learn how to make paper trees, gift boxes (never buy those boring white ones again) garlands, mini cards and so much more! Click here to see the entire contents.

We also posted about the November kit earlier this month, if you want to see some goodie shots and how the original wreath is designed. If you aren't a club member, you can still sign-up and receive it.

Jessica created a card holder! This would be great to do with your little children-you can trace their hands as the pattern for the leaves. She hot glued clothespins to pop up some of the pieces and to hold the cards. Be sure to alternate the directions of the clothes pins so there is room for everything.

Mandi's includes the click'n'print this month (a free download every club member gets) and is an advent calendar. Write a holiday activity on the back of each number and pick them out every day. Each number holder is a punched out circle with three score folds on the inside.

What wreath is your favorite? Do you like to create wreaths every year?

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