Thursday, April 25, 2013

Travel Journal

Whenever I travel, I like to take a journal with me. Just a little book that I can record dates, times and places in. More recently, I am finding that I like to take notes about the pictures that I am taking. It helps me to remember some of the details of the moment.

I found this simple, inexpensive journal, and hated the colour. I thought it was the perfect excuse to change it up to something I like. The Mia Bella collection fit the bill! I tend to like dimension in my projects, but in this case, wanted to keep the journal as flat as possible so it wouldn't get caught as I am pulling it in and out of my camera bag.

I used the map paper to cover the journal and added the sticker embellishments on top. I spread a thin layer of decoupage glue all over the cover of the journal and gently pressed down the patterned paper. This was the paper adhered nicely and didn't buckle or bubble. I think I might try this again, with a little dimension, as a gift. It was quick and easy!

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