Saturday, November 9, 2013

Tart Tin Christmas Magnets

I just loved all of the stickers from the Chalet line, so I decided to showcase them in a trio of magnets made from vintage tart tins.

First, I cut circles of patterned paper that would fit snuggly in the bottom of each tart tin.

Next, I embellished each circle with Chalet stickers. To give them lift, I layered foam adhesive behind each piece.

I embellished each tart tin with red rhinestones. The bling plays off the metallic tins and the metallic papers nicely.

After gluing the embellished circles into the tins, I secured rare-earth magnets to the back. These strong magnets will hold up several cookie recipes, shopping lists, or Christmas cards this holiday season.

Happy holiday crafting to you!



Unknown said...

Are these Tart Tins from Jenni Bowlin Studio?

Tessa Buys said...

Yes, these particular ones are.

Kathy Martin said...

These are right up my vintage living alley! So cute and creative! :)


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