Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Recap + Twilight Tidbit

Here are the highlights from November:

• Michelle created a lovely Thanksgiving place-setting including a simple centerpiece & napkin wraps that double as headdresses.
• Our talented guest blogger, Melissa Phillips, taught us how to translate everyday inspiration into beautiful creations including paper cones, gift packages, cards, wall hangings & more cards!
• We featured several creations by our readers including Laurie Cinotto's Family Tree, Monika Wright's Autumn & Christmas projects, & Jenny Chesnick's wreaths.
• And so much more - a bread gift box, lovely layout & start of our 12 Days of Christmas!

Any Twilight fans out there? Well, if you are planning to see the New Moon movie watch for our papers. No kidding! Toward the beginning of the movie when Bella is in her room, if you watch closely you will see our papers hanging on her wall. I guess Bella likes Mimosa's sangria, chartreuse, and mimosa papers. Just a random Twilight tidbit we thought you might appreciate. Be sure to check the blog later today for the 2nd Day of Christmas!


Donna said...

Oh I went to the movie, but missed that. When it comes out for sell I will check it out! Congrats

Anonymous said...

oh i saw the movie and i saw the papers immediately in that scene! i was like, isn't that sei papers?!

dmb321 said...

omg is saw this moive yesterday and I saw the papers it was so cool...


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